Unleashed habit.

With the spread of the internet, all kinds of experiences have become democratized, and we now strive towards work and lifestyles that are not constrained by location. Meanwhile, disasters, the threat of terrorism, and dissolution within the community are approaching the point of redefining the entire way that we live our lives. Yet despite this, we continue to be bound by our public faces, by established custom, and by stereotypes; we are imprisoned by traditions that remain ever unchanging. Is there any meaning to be found in lives spent continually hesitating, giving up, and living in fear of the scornful laughter of others? Those who create and innovate have always been those who break the established frameworks, and stand out from the rest of society. So let's set ourselves free. To go wherever our curiosity leads us, uninfluenced and unregulated. The spirits of those who refuse to be bound to a single place will recolor the walls of common wisdom. And the exceptional will deliver updates to the very world we live in.


We at ONFAdd (= XXXX Of No Fixed Address) share a common value we call “Unleashed Habit” (a freedom from the customs and traditions of society). It's a term we use to collectively describe our creators, as well as the things that they create.