We are proud to announce our worldwide crowdfunding campaign for "Film Wear," our newly developed outerwear range that produces extreme nimbleness.

We are proud to announce our worldwide crowdfunding campaign for "Film Wear," our newly developed outerwear range that produces extreme nimbleness.

From December 14th, we will be taking on the challenge of running a crowdfunding campaign simultaneously on Kickstarter, with our extreme lightweight product.

Why we're making “Film Wear”

City life is changing day by day. With the development of technology and society, we are constantly moving from city to city across the world, between different weather and climates, from hot to cold, indoors and out, and so we have come to live while handling the changes in environment that come with movement.

At the same time, what we wear has also changed. With the advent of functional innerwear, the importance of outerwear's role in overcoming cold is gradually receding.

For those of us who take movement as a given, previous styles of clothes, which acted simply as a shell separating the body from the environment, have come to be too heavy and bulky. Nomadic peoples achieved nimbleness by reducing the walls of their abodes down to the extreme minimum, a single piece of fabric. In the same way, could we not achieve a similar nimbleness by reducing our clothing to an extreme minimum. What we are aiming for is clothing that feels like a mere film.

Here at the FILM WEAR PROJECT, we are working to take all types of clothing to a level of extreme thinness never seen before.

Why We Chose Long Sleeve Shirt and M-51

For this project we made multiple different prototypes. From among those, we have chosen our Long Sleeve Shirt and M-51 to release at this time.

Long Sleeve Shirt A highly versatile, basic top is suited to a variety of style, every scenes in city life.

M-51 A masterpiece of outerwear that has its origins in field wear, the M-51 is easy to match to any style or gender, and combines simplicity with the functionality demanded by creators who are constantly on the move. news1

Product Features

We would like to go through a few points about how film wear produces extreme nimbleness. * For further details, please refer to the crowdfunding pages.

Super lightweight By making the materials ultra thin, we are able to achieve an overwhelming lightness worthy of the word "film."

Long Sleeve Shirt Weight: 100g (3.5 oz.). Roughly the same weight as a banana or an iPhone SE. This is barely 30% of the weight of an ordinary boxy shirt (300g).

M-51 Weight: 200g (7.0 oz.). Roughly the same weight as an apple or an iPhone XR. This barely 15% of the weight of an ordinary M-51 (1200g-1500g). news2

Highly water and wind proof While extremely thin, our Film Wear boasts a high degree of water proofing (above level 4 JIS) and wind proofing. The Film Wear is able to handle a wide variety of rapid changes in weather, such as sudden rain. news3

Super compact With pocketable functionality, the Film Wear can be folded up to a size you would not imagine when seeing the garment fully unfolded. You can take it off without adding a bulky extra to carry, making it easy to carry around.

About Crowdfunding Project

Where we are doing it: Kickstarter Period: December 14th, 2018 (Friday) - January 24th, 2019 (Thursday) See here for the project video. Here for the image.

-- 移動を極めるクリエイターへ。 新開発の極薄アウター“Film Wear”を、 全世界クラウドファンディングで発表。

これまでにない究極の身軽さを生み出すプロダクトで、 12月14日より、Kickstarterに挑戦します。

Why we’re making “Film Wear”




目指すべきは、膜(Film)のような衣服なのだ。 FILM WEAR PROJECTでは、様々なタイプのウェアを、これまでにないレベルで極薄化していく。

Why We Chose Long Sleeve Shirts and M-51

本プロジェクトでは、複数のプロトタイプを制作しました。その中から今回、Long Sleeve Shirts / M-51の2型を発表します。

Long Sleeve Shirts スタイルを選ばず、また、都市生活の様々なシーンに適応可能。高い汎用性を持つベーシックなトップス。

M-51 フィールドウェアに出自を持ち、性別・スタイル問わず合わせやすく、移動し続けるクリエイターにふさわしい機能性と、シンプルさを両立した、アウターの傑作。

Some Benefits of Extreme Nimbleness

Film wearが、究極の身軽さを生み出すポイントを簡単にご紹介します。 ※詳細は、クラウドファンディングページをご覧ください。 超軽量 素材を極薄化することで、”Film”の名に相応しい、圧倒的な軽さを実現しました。

LS-Shirts Weight: 100g (3.5 oz.) バナナ1本やiPhone SEとほぼ同じです。一般的なシャツ(300g)の約30%の重量。

M-51 Weight: 200g (7.0 oz.) りんご1個やiPhone XRとほぼ同じです。着想元である一般的なM-51(1200g~1500g)の約15%の重量。

高撥水・防風 極薄ながら、非常に高い撥水性(JIS規格4級以上)と防風性を備え、急な雨など、幅広い天候の変化に対応可能です。

超コンパクト ポケッタブル機構により、展開時からは想像もつかない省サイズに収納することが可能。脱いでも荷物を増やすことなく、持ち運ぶことができます。

About Crowdfunding Projects

実施先:Kickstarter 期間:2018年12月14日(金) - 2019年1月24日(木) プロジェクト動画はこちら