"FLAT WALLETs" are on sale from August 21st

"FLAT WALLETs" are on sale from August 21st

Our new product is on sale from August 21st. It is "FLAT WALLET", which is the most minimal and simple wallet. "FLAT WALLET" has three types, S,M,L.

Product Description

This product was crafted with the understanding that, as we transition from a cash-based to a cashless society, only the most minimal and simple wallet is required.

The Flat Wallet was designed and constructed in pursuit of the ultimate simplicity and is just 3 mm thick even as it offers all of the functions necessary to a wallet. At that thickness, it makes your move more lightly and poses no hindrance, whether you put it in your trouser pocket or your bag.

This wallet is completely stitch-free to eliminate all superfluous visual detail. Although its form is complex, we've succeeded in producing it thanks to the deft capabilities of our domestic workshop.

It also features our signature artificial leather and is lined in a painstakingly selected jersey fabric for a supple and superior texture. The smooth jersey will never catch on or stick to items you place in the pockets.

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8/21(火)より、最小限でシンプルな財布である、"FLAT WALLET"を販売します。 "FLAT WALLET"は、スタイルに合わせ、S,M,Lの3種類を展開いたします。



限りなくシンプルな意匠と構造を追求した"FLAT WALLET"は、財布に必要な機能をすべて備えながらも、厚みはわずか3mm。 パンツのポケットからバッグの中まで、どこに入れても邪魔にならないその薄さは、我々の移動を更に身軽にする。


また、表地にはオリジナルの人工皮革、背面は選び抜いたジャージ生地と使用する生地にもこだわり、柔らかで上質な質感に仕上がっている。 スムースなジャージ生地により、全く引っかかることなくポケットから出し入れすることもできる。